2019 College Football Preview


As the dog days of summer drag on the excitement of a new Football gives us hope of better days to come. Will the dynasty of the Patriots, Roll Tide, and Clemson dominate once again? Will the Longhorns or another dark horse keep the Sooners from a fifth straight Big XII title? Will the Sooners new look defense and their 3rd big time QB transfer finally win a BCS playoff game? What will the Urban Myerless Ohio State Buckeyes look like? Will the Pac 10 continues to underperform the other major conferences? Are the browns for real? Can the saints catch a break and make it to the Super Bowl? Are the cowboys for real? Are the stealers finally done? Will KC and the Rams continue to shine? So many questions to start this season, and I haven’t even started to look at my fantasy teams yet. It’s always a big guessing game to make predictions before anybody gets to see any football that matters, but still fun.


I’m all in rooting for the Cleveland Browns this year. Baker Mayfield took the league by storm last year coming in at the end of the first half of their second game and leading his team to their first win in 30??? Something games. With the addition of the Odell Beckem, he know has arguably the best set of weapons in the league, with a fair amount of young talent on the defensive side of the ball. Brady and the Patriots are the obvious favorite, but it’s just too much fun to pick the brown and root for them. For the other contenders in the AFC, I’m betting on the Steelers to fail, the Jags to have a rebound year, and as long as Patrick Mayomes is healthy, the Chiefs are a serious threat to make it to the Super Bowl. Other teams that have a shot if they play well and stay healthy include the Texans, Chargers, Colts, and a few others.. But as of this writing the health situation of Andrew Luck doesn’t look good. Without him they don’t’ have much of a chance. My pic for worst team in the AFC is up for grabs.



Hard to pick against the Rams and Saints as the two front runners. They are arguable the only two teams in the NFC with high octane modern passing games and neither team lost any significant stars. So who are the teams that might elevate their games and make a surprise Super Bowl Run? The Cowboys are the sexy pick and probably have the most talent behind the Saints and Rams. They showed signs of having a top notch defense last year. If Dak Prescott can elevate his game to the next level, they could be a serious threat. The Bears definitely have one of the best defenses in the league, and that also makes them a serious contender in the NFC. Their kicking game cost them a playoff win last year, but as crazy as it might sound, they don’t seem to have solved what should be an easy problem to fix. It tough to tell what the Packers might look like with their new head coach. A healthy Arron Rodgers is still good enough to carry an average team to the Super Bowl with a little luck. Unlike the AFC, the rest of the conference doesn’t seem like much of a treat to me. If I had to put money on one dark horse I guess I would go with Lions over the Seahawks. As for the worst team in the NFC, that honor went to the Arizona Cardinals last year. They have blown things up big time bringing in a new coach in Cliff Kingsbury, the college air raid offence and the smallest QB we have seen in the NLF, the number 1 pick Kyler Murry. I can’t wait to watch them play, but they might be just as bad their year as they were last year. In the east both the Giants and the Redskins are awful. The only thing worth watching on either of those two teams is the Giants RB Shakane Barkely. I’m gong with the Redskins to be the worst team in the leagues this year. A once proud franchises has been nothing less than embarrassing since Synder took over 15 some odd years ago.


Bama and Clemson


The College football playoffs have sort of turned into the Bama Clemson show the past few years, and it’s tough to see that not happening again this year. Clemson lost a lot of talent on the defense side of the ball to the NFL, the Trevol Laurance has emerged as the best QB in College football and should only get better in his second year. Clemson also has a somewhat week schedule this year. Bama didn’t look all the special last year in the playoffs, the Sooners outplayed them for 3 of the 4 quarters and might have been able to beat them with a health Marcus Brown in the line up. Their Qb Tagailuva has looked like the second best QB in the nation, but injuries are a concern with him. If I had to bet one of the to big ones to fail, it would be Alabama. If had to put money on I would still pick these two team for the final game over the field.




The Bulldogs have been so close the past 2 years, almost beating Bama in the National Title game two years ago, almost beating them in the SEC title last year. They return a lot of players and have a great coach. When we talk about Bama and Clemson against the field, it really means Georgia, Oklahoma, and a few other teams.




Like the Bulldogs, the Sooners have been ogh so close the past two years. The should have beat the Bulldogs tow years ago, and they gave Alabama a run for it last year. Oklahoma has more question marks that the Bulldogs, but they might have more upside. There defense can’t really get any worse that it was last year. They have a fair amount of young decent talent, and they brought in a high profile defense coordinator in  … from Ohio State. The new defensive philosophy is get small and fast, and find creative ways to rush the passer. The Sooners will need it, as they don’t have the talents in the trenches on the defensive side of the ball. The Sooners offence under Lincoln Riley has been nothing short of historic. But they lost most of their line to the NFL, and one of the most dangerous receivers we have seen in years. To top it off, Jallen Hurst comes from Bama to replace yet another Heisman and fist pick of the NFL draft. Jallen hasn’t always been the most accurate passer, and doesn’t seem to be a classic fit for the Sooners. I guess we will find out if Lincoln Riley truly is the QB whisperer in a class of his own this year.




It’s been a while since anybody outside of Texas has taken the longhorn seriously. They have all the ponies  to give the Sooners a run for their money in the Big XII. They beat them in the Cotton bowl last year and gave them a good game in the rematch. QB Sam Elinger has continued to improve as a passer and game manger. The offensive line should get some much needed help from grad transfer … and Tom Hermen has the Longhorns improving. They still lack debt on the offensive line, and they lost most of their starters on the defensive side of the ball form last year. Of all the teams in the Big XII they have best chance at looking like a well balanced team. Sam loves to run the ball, and run with power and not speed. If he gets hurt, they are probably done as a contender.


Notre Dame


The Irish have made some flashes the past few years and have a shot at making it to the final 4. Their schedule helps.


Will the Pac 12 continue to suck?




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