Austin Pedi Cab Rides

What is a pedi cab?


A pedi cab is a bicycle taxi cab. They are big in Austin. People take them from one end of the bar strip to the other, and back down the hill to the Hotels in downtown Austin. There are 3 main sections of 6th street. "Dirty 6th", is what is traditional know as the bar strip on 6th street. Many of the older crowd that I take on rides think this place has changed dramatically over the years, maybe they are just not "young" anymore. It's probably a little rougher and younger crowd that it was back in the day. "West 6th" is a somewhat new set of bars about 10 block from East 6th, that are more Dallas like yuppie 30 something bars. Yes, it's were I hand out if I go downtown these days. Finally, East 6th has a few dive bars on the other side of the highway. This is quickly becoming a favorite hot spot for the hipsters and locals. It used to be a sketchy neighborhood.


Pedi cab to make you younger


So how hard is it to peddle the bike, the trailer, and the people? Obviously it depends immensely on how much you put into it. My first ride was pretty rough, it was a long one with three people. At the end of it I almost threw up and I had sit down for about twenty minutes. The rest of the night didn't go much better.  I was in pretty good shape for a 37 year old, but I had not been riding bikes that much the past few years.  For the first month or so I would only take rides downhill; something you can actually get away with in Austin.  Many of the riders sit in the "Q" or the pedi cab line on 6th street and just wait for rides. The stronger more motivated riders ride around trying to pick up radon rides.  It took me about 2 months before  could ride around for most of a shift. The typical shift goes from about 10:00 til 3:30 a.m. Now I feel 10 years younger .


The power hour of money


Typically you make about 1/2 of your money from about 1:30 to 3:00. It's a true mad house when the night comes to and end and a mass of drunks flow out of the bars. I see crazy things just about every night, and non I'm not going to put any of them up on this website. It's so much fun I would almost do it for free.


The Super Bowl of Pedi Cabbbing.


The largest festival in Austin (and probably Texas), is South by South West (SXSW).  From what i'm told it's almost Mardi Gras like. Most of the time when you are pedi cabbing you aren't giving rides. If you were Lance Armstrong and there were rides galore, you could maybe pull in a G a day. In the immortal words of Bart Scott "Can't wait"


SXSW - The Super Bowl of Pedi Cabbing


About a year ago a good buddies of mine talked me into trying "Pedi Cabbing". For those of you that don't know what this is, it's the bicycle taxi. Austin has one of the biggest pedi cabbing industries in the country. In recent years it has boomed and spread across the country. These days the streets of ATX are filled with peddi cabbers.


SXSW Interactive


I made it out every day of Interactive. Saturday night it was still pouring rain, but by this time everybody had a canopy of some sorts and we just had to tough it out.The fhird day of Interactive was really nice. Sunny skyies and mild weather made it a super spring day. Also not great for business because by this time everybody was hot to trot on ther own two feet.


SXSW Music


I only got a few days of Pedi Cabbing in for Music, Like many newbies to the game, I was a little burnt out near the end of the 10 day festival.  While I did make big money during the week, it didn't do any wonders for my IT work, and I didn't feel to great for about 2 weeks after the biking marathon.


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