Archived Work

The Missouri Cancer Registry- W3C compliant XHTML 1.0 Transitional Code, 50+ pages of in-line HTML content migrated. New CSS based layout and new design


Walker Chess - Website ranked on top page of Google for many years for competitive key work "Custom Chess Boards". Client sold many boards via organic search before taking the website down.


French Quarter Realty - PHP coding for custom MSL data feed


Dealer Clicks - PHP, Java script, HTML support for an Auto Dealer Consultant. Management large number of micro-sites and general IT support for the client.


Campsite Wizard - Multi year development project for campsite destination start-up company. Custom Database search and profile system with integration of National Park Data, custom CMS, affiliate feeds and more.


MyWay - Built PHP website to create PDF order forms from user entered data and jpg templates. Final PDF displayed on website and a copy was sent to the user.


Krueger Bros - Website Design and SEO for San Francisco Construction Company. I also built a website that transmitted Fire and Police scanners from physical hardware scanners installed through the bay area. Server, Physical Hardware, and IT support was also done by Craig Steelman on site. This was all done before the days of smart phones, which now make all of this obsolete.


Tumbleweed Cabernet - Custom design and SEO for Nappa Vinyard.


Square Deal Siding - Ongoing SEO, Hosting, and web support. Site ranks top page for highly competitive local Siding, Gutter, and other contractor key words in the New Orleans market. Upgrades include a mobile version of the the main website.


SBA Gateway - My first paying computer job, I helped a small banking consulting company migrate to the Internet way back in the early days; pre-2000.


VIP Dance - Custom On-line Shopping Cart. Reports generated for each event and studio. User profile system drastically decreased paper work for dance studios and event organizer


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