Craig Steelman Technology Skillset Overview:


For better and worse, I'm a bit of a Jack of all trades with my IT skill set. My father immersed me into the world of computers, both hardware and software, at a very young age. I learned Disk Operating Systems (DOS), WordStar, I have written a few rudimentary programs in basic, also Pascal while middle school. In high school, I passed my AP computer science course. In addition, I took a handful of classes in college, despite being a Political Science major on a fast track to law school. I was always a bit of a gamer growing up, but I never really had love for the computers, it was always a distant hobby. So what happened? I graduated college, enrolled in law school then the combination of the dot-com boom and California dreaming changed my mind. Who would have ever thought, computers would be cool? I instantly became hooked. Having read door stop, after door stop books for years, I built anything and everything I could get my hands on. Mastering the art of computer networking very quickly, I was able to pay the bills for a long time. It has taken me the better part of 10 years to become a decent programmer and an all around web developer. In the early days of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) my skills were top notch, but my bag of tricks are now a little out-dated, and the concept is much more of a crapshoot. Below is an honest assessment of how my skill set matches up with top notch competition.




After many years as a PHP 5 procedural programmer, I began the task of migrating to Object-oriented coding. Towards the begin of 2011 I began using more frameworks. I have always had an academic understanding of OO codes, and have read and understand several pattern books. I've used several IDE's including Zend and Eclipse. I am proficient at configuring and running a debugger. I have a solid grasp of the syntax of PHP including looping through arrays, concatenation, pagination, database form updates, sessions, string manipulation, regular expressions, SOAP, XML, and date functions just to name a few. I have worked on several hundred website. One of my strong points is fixing others' hacked up not so awesome code quickly. I have some experience working in the "Enterprise" environment. I have helped migrate several PHP 5 systems to PHP 7.


SEO and Social Media


I have an elaborate link farm and a long track record of posting websites on the first page of a Google search results. I have to admit, I thought the whole idea of Facebook, Blogging, and Twitter was kind of stupid, but I know when to admit I'm wrong and have made the 180 to compete in the market. Obviously, you can't be an SEO Consultant anymore and ignore social media. Yelp and Facebook are now major competitors of Google. I believe Yelp has a good chance to continue taking market share from Google as the 21st century version of the yellow pages. Facebook is a great was to drive traffic, but sometimes I wonder about the quality of the clicks. Several of my clients now utilize these systems. While I'm not a full time SEO\Social Consultant, I spend a considerable amount of time driving traffic to my website and clients website via SEO, Social, and Google Ad Words management.




I have been writing alot of form validation and UI interfaces in standard Javascript for a Legacy client for about 2 years now, and have become proficient at this somewhat dated technology. I can quickly debug scripts with Firefox and Chrome's debugging tools. I have a basic JQuery knowledge and experience, including writing custom forms, handlers, and other custom UI systems. Implementing and customizing basic JQuery plug-ins such as sliders, accordions, and date pickers is a trivial task. I have a general understanding of the backend of JQuery and should begin writing my own JQuery plug-in's soon.




I have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS. I have built several thousand websites over the years depending on how you want to count them. I made the big jump out of tables about 7 years ago. While I know the nuts and bolts of HTML 5, I have just started building a few personal projects. I have a solid understanding of cross browser compatibility issues. Lately I have been building mobile specific websites at an increasing rate. Many of the small business website I build are bootstrap responsive design themes.


CMS Systems: Wordpress, Drupal, and the others


I have many years experience with the major CMS systems, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. I have supported a complex text pattern site for several years. I also worked on enterprise scale .net CMS using Umbraco for over a year. I can configure skins, install plug-ins, upgrade, and troubleshoot all of these systems quickly. I'm still slow at building my own custom plug-ins, but can complete the task in an acceptable amount of time. I have worked on several high traffic Wordpress system and one enterprise Drupal system that had interfaces with Salesforce


Custom Database Apps


I have built about 30 custom database apps over the years. From a personal standpoint, I like working in my "custom personal framework". I learned many years ago that technical reasons are unacceptable for larger clients. My personal database systems, even in the early days, had something that resembled a MVC framework. They were more Model - View, with Controllers in the view. One of my pride and joys til this day, is my custom CMS property listing system. It's far simpler than Wordpress and perfect for non-technical small business's that need to manage small inventory on a daily bases online. I have several clients that would had never used Wordpress being that they love my simple system.




I can build and manage a Linux server. I have an ample amount of experience editing configuration files, with a basic working knowledge of bash and other OS scripting languages, and roughly 10+ years experience with server hardware. Though I'm no Linux expert, I can troubleshoot and generally fix a Linux web or database server, in addition to having knowledge of permissions, groups, services, the firewall, and other components including SELinux. Sendmail, Qmail, Samba, DNS, and most services associated with the Linux Platform. The basis of my knowledge expertise of networking experience was derived from me working as a full time NT200 MCSE enterprise level network administrator.




I possess a moderate level of understanding Apache, that is needed to administer most websites. This includes modifying the config files, .htaccess files, cron's job, troubleshoot error logs, installing new components.




I can install and configure MySQL on Windows and Linux including GUI tools such as PHP. Admin and TOAD. My comfort level with the command line tools for MySQL is moderate. I can write all basic MySQL command off the top of the top of my head, and can build basic join statements quickly. While I have read a few door stop books about the performance and advanced features of MySQL, I have not had the opportunity to implement these things in the real world.





I have built several shopping cart websites with the Framework OpenCart, and find it powerful, simple, and somewhat well supported with plug-ins. As of now I'm a fan. PHP Cake was the first Framework that I used to build client website and few personal websites. It's OK, but CodeIgniter will be the system I use for my next project. I have built a few "Custom MVC frameworks" over the years. While it seemed like a great idea in 2004, that was a long time ago.



Version Control


I used subversion for many years and have made the t switch to Git. I have some experience administering VC systems in a multi developer environment.


Smartphone and Tablet Apps


I have built one tablet app with .net 2005 that ran on a Windows XP tablet. Yes, such a thing does exist. It had a touch screen, with a stylist and weighed 7 lbs! Not my idea, but I have made one simple android app with Java, Eclipse and recently purchased my first Mac Book Pro and learning to build games with GameSalad. I have done the basic research for Xcode and have an apple developer ID. I have one game now in production with all graphic work completed. We hope to have it in the stores by Summer of 2014



Photoshop Flash\Audio\Video


My Photoshop skills are fairly well and my "Graphic Design" abilities are excellent for a database programmer, but they still need work. I can modify a flash template pretty easily and enjoy making home movies and working with sound software like audacity and garage band.


Net and ASP Classic


We can not always control the winds of fortune in life. As luck would have it, I landed a great gig with a high profile client supporting a .net asp classic hybrid enterprise website. It was a REALLY bad spaghetti code that had been hacked up by numerous developers over a period of time approaching 10 years. They needed an IT consultant as much as they needed a coder when I walked in the door. I know enough about the difficulties of IIS 6 to 7, 32bit to 64bit. asp classic and .net hybrid websites, that I put up a few ads just to see if anybody would bite. .Net is obviously a powerful and robust platform. I'm still more comfortable in the LAMP world, but I can hold my own in the .net platform.


Microsoft Servers


I received my MCSE in 1999 and spent the first 7 years of my professional career primarily building and supporting computer networks. I spent about 1/3 of my time from 2005 through 2010 building servers and supporting exchange, great plains, and Microsoft file server for a few clients. One of my business partners did the bulk of the migration for our company to Hypervisor. I did a major migration for IIS 6 32bit to 64bit IIS7 from 2012-2014. It was complicated, robust, poorly documented, and difficult. A profitable and valuable learning experience.


Cloud Services


I have experience configuring and migrating websites and other technologies into Rackspace,Google, Amazon, Apple, GoDaddy, with a variety of other cloud based solutions.


Networking Equipment


I can configure a Cisco 5500 from the command line, install routers, wifi hotspots, build a computer from parts, make my own network cables. I have also tried to market custom power supplies, and can solder a few things together. I have supported a fixed variety of phone systems including PBX punch boards and VOIP systems.


Legacy Systems

VBscript, Basic, Pascal, FoxPro, Novell, and Cold Fusion to name a few.


Things I don't know


Java - I couldn't configure a Tomcat server or write a hello world script in Java without cracking open a book and spending at least a few hours. Not sure if this one is on the horizon any time soon.

Big Data - My experience with technologies such as Hadoop is academic in nature. Something I hope to change quickly.