Craig Steelman Professional Bio

I grew up in Oklahoma City and graduated from Casady High School in 1993. At a young age my father taught me to use and program computers. From the days of DOS, PASCAL, WordStar, and Windows 3.11, I was immersed in computer technology. I earned my degree from Emory University in 1997, with a 2.97 grade average in Political Science. During my time at Emory I worked for a brokerage firm, a banking software company (PMT), poured industrial concrete, and sold Cutco knives. While in school i took intermediate C++ programming and a handful of advanced mathematics and science classes. Working for PMT, I built websites in notepad, assisted with cd presentations, supported computer hardware and software, and did a variety of other office tasks for three years.


After graduating from Emory, my focus changed from politics to the Internet. I worked for over a year for a new banking software company in Dallas and earned my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering accreditation in 1999. During my time in Dallas I also learned to program in FoxPro.


I moved to California in 1999 and worked at the consulting firm of Bain and Company. While at Bain, my duties included running the help desk department and providing network engineering in the enterprise environment. After leaving Bain I worked for a computer networking support company, fixing exchange servers, AD issues, firewalls, and other hardware support before leaving the west coast.


In 2002 I moved to New Orleans to start a software company with my brother Travis. Over the past seven years my PHP, Linux, and other programming skills have improved at a steady pace. Web development work has replaced networking administration as my primary skill set.


I presently live in Austin Texas working as a freelance IT contractor. My top priority is finding new clients in South Texas or a part-time IT position with a quality company.




Tennis, Golf, Snow skiing, Hunting, Fishing, and other sports.
Reading, Movies, Chess, Music, and Cooking