2018 - A trip to Colorado, Mollie Starts Middle School at Fulmore,


2017 - First Time watching pond skiing in Utah, Start of of 5th Grade for Mollie


2016 - 2 trips back to the BIg Easy, one ski trip, Mollie grows up way to fast.


2016 - Dreamforce


2015 - Higher Ed Summit in Miami, a trip to California


2014 - Bought my first home


2013 - My first Hole in one! Mollie moved in, Mollie learn to swim, many hours spent on the 40 acres. A trip to Washington DC, and 2 to New Orleans.


2012 - Mollie dunks her head for the first time, many days at the lakes, A trip to Disney Land, the Kite festival, My first SWSW as a pedicabber.


2011 - BP ruins the fishing fun, a trip to Disney land, trip to Galveston


2010 - A trip to NYC, Colorado Elk Hunting in a show storm


2009 - Elk Hunting in Colorado, Move to Austin


2008 - Lots of Mardi Gras Photos


2007 - This was a rough year, the home office caught on fire, and that was just the start of it.... Home Page Design 3.0 2007


2006 - Mollie Mae joined us in the battered city of Nola


2005 Katrina Story - Click Here


2004 .. Well life before Katrina and digital camera is kinda hard to remember sometimes...... for the next round


Web Design and IT work archive page



Yearly Review Blogs:


2018 Update

After a few years of ignoring my personal website, it's time to take a little back from the Social Media Giants. This year I joined a Tennis Ladder in Austin. On the business front, it's been WordPress, WordPress, and a little bit of SEO. My daughter is doing well and will start Middle school in 2018,ogh how the time flies. I have spent a little more time in the rivers of the Texas Hill Country, and hope to make it out the Big Bend soon. March started with a skiing trip to Utah.





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Austin Pedi Cab Rides

About a year ago a good buddies of mine talked me into trying "Pedi Cabbing". For those of you that don't know what this is, it's the bicycle taxi. Austin has one of the biggest pedi cabbing industries in the country. In recent years it has boomed and spread across the country. These days the streets of ATX are filled with peddi cabs; many of the old school cyclist will say there are too many these days around the bar scene that is 6th street. This computer programmer absolutely loves is.


Click Here for Austin Pedi Cab Article